Brain Health


Our unique Brain Health formula with Voluntastrols®: A world-first for brain health and your mental wellbeing. Supplement your mental health with our once-a-day formula that’s kind to your mind.

Scientifically proven. Crafted naturally from botanical extracts.

Supports your ability to...

  • Reduce feeling of overwhelm
  • Reclaim your mental energy
  • Boost concentration, clarity and focus
  • Improve your brain’s resilience to stress
  • Cultivate cognitive health and mental function
  • Promote healthy emotional response and balanced mood
  • Strengthen your defence against cognitive decline
  • Sleep better
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids extract 200mg
  • German Chamomile 12:1 extract 200mg (equiv. to dry flower 2.4g)
  • Theobroma Cacao 12:1 extract 100mg (equiv. to dry seed 1.2g)

Innovation by Design

Based on latest research and scientific studies, Voluntastrols contain key secondary plant metabolites to support neurovascular network health, cognitive function and healthy mood as well as improving brain resilience.

Secondary Plant Metabolites

For the majority of the world’s population, botanicals contain the largest source of life-saving compounds. Many of these compounds are elicited secondary plant metabolites (eSPM). These compounds play a major role in the adaptation of plants to their environment while at the same time, represent an important source for nutraceuticals and natural medicines.​

Unlike primary metabolic pathways which produce few end products, the secondary metabolic pathways are much more productive giving way to many thousands of compounds.​

Plants produce a vast and diverse assortment of organic compounds, the great majority of which do not appear to participate directly in growth and development of the plant however they play a key role in its defence against pathogens and fungal attack.

​These substances, traditionally referred to as secondary metabolites (of which 8000 or so are phenolic and are considered one of the most important groups closely followed by the aliphatic and aromatic compounds), are formed by way of either the shikimic acid pathway or the malonate/acetate pathway respectively.

Their functions provide researchers with many new and exciting targets for extraction.

While plant products have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, their effectiveness has often been inconsistent due to variation in eSPM levels in the raw botanical material. However, advances in the understanding of eSPMs and extraction methods have allowed us to utilise extracts with consistent performance and quality.

Voluntastrols support the following conditions.

  • Mental Health Challenges:

    • Low Mood / ‘Grey’ Mood
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • ADHD

  • Neurological Challenges & Neurodegeneration:

    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Bi Polar
    • Migraine
    • Autoimmune

    • Cognitive decline
    • Impaired memory
    • Memory loss
    • Reduced clarity

  • Lifestyle & Life Stages

    • Stress induced migraine
    • Stress & anxiety
    • Mental fatigue
    • Lack of engagement/motivation
    • Brain fog

    • Hyperactivity
    • Students
    • Menopausal symptoms
    • Anti-aging of the brain
    • Challenging times such as grief, a medical diagnosis

  • Acquired Brain Injuries:

    • Concussion and those at risk of head injury eg contact sports
    • Post Concussion Syndrome
    • Stroke

Scientifically Engineered Botanical Extracts

Voluntastrols are based on a combination of nature, technology, and scientific research to identify and extract eSPMs from plants, resulting in extracts that are much more than just standardised extracts based on a single active compound.

Benefits of Scientifically Engineered Botanical Extracts

  • Consistent performance and quality
  • Higher concentrations of eSPMs
  • More effective than traditional plant products
  • Safer and more predictable

Scientifically engineered botanical extracts are a new generation of plant products that offer a number of advantages over traditional plant products in nutraceuticals. 


Each 450mg capsule contains a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids,German chamomile & Theobroma cacao.

  • Matricaria chamomilla

    Our chosen phyto-active extracts from the flower of German chamomile provide anti-inflammatory properties and research-based evidence into their support and maintenance of:

    • general mental wellbeing
    • healthy emotional & mood balance
    • relieving symptoms and occurrence of mild anixiety

    24:1 extract 100mg (equiv. to dry flower 2.4g)

  • Citrus bioflavonoids

    These natural compounds, largely found in citrus peel, possess powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help protect the brain from the short and long-term effects of neuro-inflammation. Studies suggest that regular consumption of citrus bioflavonoids may support cognitive health and reduce the risk of neuroinflammatory disorders.

    Extract 310mg

  • Theobroma cacao

    Extracts from cocoa have garnered attention for their benefits to brain health. Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, cocoa extracts have been shown to support and maintain:

    • cognitive function
    • mental concentration, focus & clarity
    • relief of inflammation
    • healthy emotional & mood balance
    • general brain health

    30:1 extract 40mg (equiv. to dry seed 1.2g)

Voluntastrols Products

Voluntastrols is the power behind The Vitality Project products which are sold by our distributor partners and our licensed partners throughout the world. 

Quality & Standards

Our ingredients are first individually tested for bacteria, toxins, heavy metals and pesticide residues to ensure they meet our very high standard of purity before they even leave our raw material supplier. Voluntastrols are produced to the highest global standards, with our manufacturer in Australia being a GMP facility, licensed to manufacture by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA). The TGA is one of the world’s most highly respected regulatory bodies for pharmaceutical and complementary medicines. Our manufacturing partner maintains strict quality assurance processes, conforming to the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) Code of Goods for Medicinal Products. Using cutting edge technology, they are leaders in the field of manufacturing and packaging premium quality therapeutic goods. As a partnership, we are focused on not only meeting, but exceeding the highest international quality standards.

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