Our innovative nutritional supplement for brain and mental wellness is a unique formula of botanical plant extracts, supporting the vitality and freedom from mental & cognitive health.

Product Information

Innovation by Design

A revolutionary natural approach to supporting and maintaining the good health of the brain and its functions,

Flavonoids & Neuro-Inflammation

Research into flavonoids (a specific chemistry produced by plants, including those in our diet) increasingly shows their anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Anti neuro-inflammatories have the exciting potential as a treatment option for depression.

Product focus

Key Facts on Voluntastrols

  • Clinical Benefits

    • Neuro vascular network health
    • Modulates neuro-inflammation
    • Neuro-protective
    • Supports brain resilience
  • Botanical Extracts

    We select specific Secondary Plant Metabolites to create a formula that works synergistically to improve and maintain brain and mental health.

  • Indications

    • Stress & mental fatigue
    • Mood & depression
    • Brain injury
    • Cognitive decline
    • Brain fog
  • 100% Natural

    We are proud to create a unique formulation containing 100% natural ingredients and without the inclusion of any synthetic fillers.

  • Ingredients

    Each 450mg capsule contains a proprietary blend of:

    Citrus bioflavonoids extract 310mg
    German chamomile 24:1 extract 100mg (equiv. to dry flower 2.4g)
    Theobroma cacao 30:1 extract 40mg (equiv. to dry seed 1.2g)

  • Matricaria chamomilla

    Our chosen phyto-active extracts from the flower of German chamomile provide anti-inflammatory properties and research-based evidence into their support and maintenance of:

    • general mental wellbeing
    • healthy emotional & mood balance
    • relieving symptoms and occurrence of mild anixiety
  • Citrus bioflavonoids

    These natural compounds, largely found in citrus peel, possess powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help protect the brain from the short and long-term effects of neuro-inflammation. Studies suggest that regular consumption of citrus bioflavonoids may support cognitive health and reduce the risk of neuroinflammatory disorders.

  • Theobroma cacao

    Extracts from cocoa have garnered attention for their benefits to brain health. Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, cocoa extracts have been shown to support and maintain:

    • cognitive function
    • mental concentration, focus & clarity
    • relief of inflammation
    • healthy emotional & mood balance
    • general brain health


For further information and case studies please contact us.

Depression / Mental Energy

Increased my energy levels, to the point where I can keep my eyes open and brain engaged past lunchtime. I didn’t realise how much more energy I had until my lunch time sleep disappeared. Depression has waned, a noticeable difference from partner’s perspective is that I am by far a more balanced human being’

Post Covid / Brain Fog

Having struggled with Post Covid for a long time, Voluntastrols have lifted the fog, helping me to get back to being normal and coping with everyday life.

I wouldn't be with out them as they have changed my life.

Depression / Brain Fog / Mental Energy

Prior to taking Voluntastrols, showing signs of severe depressive symptoms, lethargy, 'mental fogginess'.

Generally more ‘emotional energy’ to achieve things and make progress, lighter mood, joy even, I was really quite depressed before.

Anxiety / Stress / Sleep

"As a business owner, with a large family and busy life - I was really 'spread thin' and feeling overwhelmed just getting through the daily necessities.

Stress and ongoing sleep deprivation and the sudden onset of panic attacks and anxiety episodes. WOW. 

Two weeks later, feeling balanced, creative and energetic once more.

Really good quality sleep means I wake up feeling great.


I have experienced less headaches, more clarity, reduced pain and more willingness to be active. I’m not as confused and my comprehension of what people are saying has improved significantly, I feel more comfortable being in group situations and find I’m talking more to people instead of avoiding people’

I have noticed how much more comfortable I am with who I am and am generally happy to socialise more because of that reason. I am more present with my kids and more patient with them even though they have become more demanding of my time.


Post Concussion syndrome from a rowing accident, hit by an oar 12 months prior to taking Voluntastrols.

Ongoing symptoms before starting Voluntastrols: dizziness, unable to ride her bike (balance and energy issues), vacant periods, fatigue.

Voluntastrols far surpassed anything else I had tried over the previous 12 months since my accident.