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Combined with our innate evolutionary stimulus...


Voluntastrols utilise 21st century technology and apply it to the ancient essence of everyday that is missing from the modern diet…innovation combined with our own evolutionary stimulus.

Voluntastrols are part of our everyday diet and always have been. Many modern agricultural practices combined with the modern diet, have caused a depletion in these structures in our food.

Based on latest research and scientific studies, Voluntastrols contain key extracts to support energy levels, cognitive function and healthy mood as well as improving brain resilience.

Scientifically Engineered

For the majority of the world’s population, botanicals contain the largest source of life-saving compounds. Many of these compounds are elicited secondary plant metabolites (eSPM). These compounds play a major role in the adaptation of plants to their environment while at the same time, represent an important source for nutraceutical manufacturing of natural medicines.

Unlike primary metabolic pathways which produce few end products, the secondary metabolic pathways are much more productive giving way to many thousands of compounds.

Plants produce a vast and diverse assortment of organic compounds, the great majority of which do not appear to participate directly in growth and development of the plant but play a key role in its defence against pathogens and fungal attack.

These substances, traditionally referred to as secondary metabolites (of which 8000 or so are phenolic and are considered one of the most important groups closely followed by the aliphatic and aromatic compounds), are formed by way of either the shikimic acid pathway or the malonate/acetate pathway respectively.

Their functions, many of which still remain unknown, provide our researchers with many new and exciting targets for extraction.


Although plant products have been part of phyto-medicines since time immemorial, they have been be derived from many parts of the plant including the bark, leaves, flowers and seeds. However results in their effectiveness have been inconsistent, leading many an opponent of natural medicine to claim ineffectiveness.

As our unique understanding of eSPM and advanced extraction methods has developed over the course of the past 15 years, it has put us in the unique position where nature, technology and science combine. This allows us to manufacture extracts with constant performance and quality, despite the variation in eSPM levels in the raw botanical, way beyond just a simple standardized extract based on what appeared to be the most active compound.

The unique extracts we produce using methods of identification and extraction of eSPM are referred to as a NESEM (Naturally Elicited Specifically Extracted Molecules), guaranteeing you the most advanced and constantly performing extract available on the market today.

Always consult your health care professional regarding your supplements or medication regime.

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