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Prior to taking Voluntastrols, showing signs of severe depressive symptoms, lethargy, 'mental fogginess'.

After 4 weeks

'some stress and strain, but about usual.'

"I have felt better; lighter moods, feeling more energy emotionally and actually felt joy at times.'

After 8 weeks

‘Generally more ‘emotional energy’ to achieve things and make progress, lighter mood, joy even, I was really quite depressed before.


Stress & Anxiety


"As a business owner, with a large family and busy life - I was really 'spread thin' and feeling overwhelmed just getting through the daily necessities.

Stress and ongoing sleep interruption/deprivation is still a main trigger for me in the sudden onset of panic attacks and anxiety episodes. A friend recommended I give Voluntastrols a try.


ONE week later, sleep improved – and it’s only been an upward spiral from there… a good catch-22

Two weeks later, feeling balanced, creative and energetic once more.

Really good quality sleep means I wake up feeling rested. My busy life and workload haven’t changed, my outlook and energy levels certainly have.

No anxiety, no panic attacks. Gone.

I feel balanced, for the first time in a LONG time. I’m just happier. Thank you’

Stress & Anxiety

Stroke Recovery


Matt, a gentleman in Nelson, New Zealand, started writing a blog after his wife Amanda suffered a stroke in February 2017.


Amanda started taking Voluntastrols in March 2018. The effect and improvements in Amanda’s recovery using Voluntastrols can be read throughout Matt’s fortnightly blog











‘Dear Dr C,

I have observed some gains in the 3 months that M has been taking Voluntastrols. Within 2 weeks of starting, I noticed that his sense of humour was returning, he began teasing us more like he did before his stroke.

He also seemed to be more aware of his environment. He began asking questions like “Why are you changing the sheets on Saturday rather than Friday?”

Within 3 weeks, he was making a few more sound to letter connections; the sound “da” is the letter “D”.

M returned to speech therapy at the University of NC at Greensboro 2 months after starting Voluntastrols.

The professor that he has been working with commented on a number of improvements that she saw after a 3 month break. They include:

• an appropriate sense of humour

• more clarity of speech

• more words in his sentences

• more normal rate of speech

• improved reading

• more spontaneous social communication

• better ability to filter out background distractions

• and better ability to cue himself to find a word when he struggles with it


Thank you for thinking of us with this supplement.

Sincerely, Mrs M’  (Testimonial written by patient’s wife to their prescribing doctor in USA.)

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury


Snowboarding accident resulting in a TBI, 7 years prior to starting Voluntastrols.

Chronic symptoms following injury:

  • impaired brain function

  • memory issues

  • fatigue

  • migraine headaches

  • anxiety

  • depression

After 8 weeks

 ‘increased my energy levels, to the point where I can keep my eyes open and brain engaged past lunchtime. I didn’t realize how much more energy I had until my lunch time sleep disappeared.’

After 12 months

‘depression has waned’

‘a noticeable difference from partner’s perspective is that I am by far a more balanced human being’


Traumatic Brain Injury (Multiple) 


Multiple head and body injuries due to domestic violence. Knocked unconscious over 10 times in her life from a young age.

Ongoing symptoms before starting Voluntastrols:

  • daily headaches and migraines 1-2 times/week

  • anxiety

  • poor memory – short and long term

  • poor cognition

  • inability to follow/keep track of a conversation, therefore avoided social situations

  • difficulty focusing on a task, to keep to a routine

  • fatigue, poor sleep quality, woke ‘feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus’

  • irritability

  • easily overwhelmed with too much information

  • slow to respond to questions

  • body pain

After 6 weeks

‘I feel chilled out. I’ve been in situations where I’d normally get anxious but now I’m coasting through.’

‘I wake feeling really good’

‘Even if I forget the right word, I’m not bothered by it like I was before’

After 3 months

‘I rarely have negative self talk anymore’

‘I had adapted to the way things were for me, I had coping strategies in place. I’m still getting used to this new feeling’

‘Nothing much bothers me anymore’

After 5 months

‘Even though I’m doing so much more, the energy and motivation is still there.’ 



Major car accident at 28 yo (10 years prior to starting Voluntastrols).

Facial impact on steering wheel, fractured skull. Complete reconstruction of nose and cheekbones.

Chronic symptoms before starting Voluntastrols:

  • chronic low mood/depression

  • chronic nerve pain in area of reconstruction

  • poor memory

  • difficulty with verbal communication

  • easily fatigued and overwhelmed in social situations

  • unable to maintain previous vocation as chef

After 1 month

‘I would highly recommend taking Voluntastrols to anyone seeking a natural alternative to pain management, depression and fatigue.’

Post Concussion Syndrome

Post Concussion Syndrome


Rowing accident, hit by an oar 12 months prior to taking Voluntastrols.

Ongoing symptoms before starting Voluntastrols:
  • dizziness

  • unable to ride her bike (balance and energy issues)

  • vacant periods

  • fatigue 

‘Voluntastrols far surpassed anything else I had tried over the previous 12 months since my accident.’ 



Motor vehicle accident in 1997, side head impact against power pole.

Ongoing symptoms before starting Voluntastrols:
  • daily headaches and migraines 1-2 times/week

  • stuttering, slurred & muddled speech

  • cognition issues, slow thoughts, confusion

  • difficulty understanding the words spoken to her

  • low energy, always tired, poor quality of sleep

  • unstable moods, short of patience

  • numbing on right side of face

  • memory lapses

  • couldn’t cope with social gatherings ‘it sounded like an orchestra tuning up and I would have to walk out’

After 5 Months

‘I have experienced less headaches, more clarity, reduced pain and more willingness to be active. I’m not as confused and my comprehension of what people are saying has improved significantly, I feel more comfortable being in group situations and find I’m talking more to people instead of avoiding people’

After 12 Months

‘I have noticed how much more comfortable I am with who I am and am generally happy to socialise more because of that reason. I am more present with my kids and more patient with them even though they have become more demanding of my time.’

Chronic Fatigue


  • Glandular fever at 17 years

  • Testicular cancer at 24 years

  • Ross River Virus at 36 years

  • Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue at 38 years

By 2016 my energy was very low and seemed on a gradual downward trend, leading to not being able to work and barley function, eventually being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Symptoms ranging from joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, depression and general fatigue were all back again.

Natural approaches didn’t seem to touch the sides and out of frustration I started back on a mild steroid which got me back on my feet and back to work. Familiar side effects returned and soon became intolerable. After weaning off the steroid my energy went back downhill and I was once again too tired to work or function properly.

This is the time, about 12 months ago, when I was introduced to Voluntastrols.

My experience has been completely positive.

After around 3 weeks, I started feeling a difference in my energy - the best I can describe it is that I still had fatigue but there was something brewing in my body, the dull muscle aches were starting to reduce and a feeling of immune support was shaping. I just felt like my body was starting to learn to support itself.

After 2 months I was back at work part-time and could manage everyday life energy outputs with much more ease and with no side effects.

So after 12 months on Voluntastrols I’m working almost full time hours again and have returned to my passion of surfing and enjoying life.

It’s important for me to be clear and to not exaggerate the benefits. My body has been through a lot and I understand there is residual virus and symptoms that can, and do, pop up from time to time, but I can say with certainty that Voluntastrols have aided my recovery and given my body tools to support itself and maintain energy for daily needs.

I attended a chronic fatigue / Fibromyalgia conference last year where I met dozens of fatigue sufferers with very similar health backgrounds eg glandular fever, cancers, chronic fatigue. I would have no hesitation in recommending Voluntastrols as a natural alternative to what we mostly are prescribed eg pain medication and steroids, which myself and the people I met at the conference all had horrible side effects from.

Not only do Voluntastrols work and work well, but they also have no side effects that I’ve experienced.


JB, Sunshine Coast, Australia. September 2019.

Menapausal Symptoms

Menopausal Symptoms


Started Voluntastrols because of a drop in general concentration and energy levels, attributed to menopause.

After 3 weeks

‘increased concentration levels’

‘an improvement in my mood and general happiness’

After 3 months

‘Since I was unsure if the improvement was purely due to taking Voluntastrols, I stopped taking them for a few weeks. On recommencing, once again the boost in my mood was apparent. My experiences of feeling “flat” disappeared, to be replaced with a feeling of positivity and happiness.’

‘Voluntastrols make an enormous difference’

Chronic Fatigue
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